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So I've recently acquired a 20L tank and went hiking looking for some rocks to scape it with. I think I found some nice rocks and on my way out, found what I thought was an extremely nice piece of driftwood that'll fit perfectly in my tank.

Eheim 2215

Stock hood with 30" T8 - 20W

Eco-complete with root-tabs

Fissidens on some SS mesh in front or attached to driftwood
Mini-xmas moss attached to driftwood
Taiwan moss attached to rocks
Rotala colorata along the back and back right
Anubias nana petite front right
Java fern or crypts in the back left

Neos of some kind
Maybe some CPDs?

Link to FTS (using company laptop so couldn't put it into the post):

What do you guys think of the driftwood? too big? I was thinking of knocking off that branch on the right and will probably need to shorten it again once I add substrate in.

Lighting should be sufficient for the plants right? I'd prefer a low-tech tank.

Thanks for looking!

I'll be posting more updates when I get the filter and substrate so I can really start up the tank.

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Thanks for putting it in Neatfish.

Any comments on planned plants? And if there's sufficient lighting?
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