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Well i recently got a pair of Red Platty Xiphophorus maculatus from smoq.(Thanks again)

Well the mom had babies. Most of them were underdeveloped fry/eggs, but i managed to save about 15 of them. I would say she had a total of 50+ fry.

Anyway, i had a "fry tank" set up for Endlers. It is now housing about 30 endler fry and the 15 or so Red Platty Xiphophorus maculatus .

2.5g glass Betta tank
2 potted Melon Swords
old leaves clipped from my display and the swords littering the bottom of the tank (had some tanning issues when i used to do less water changes)
30+ Endler Fry
15 Red Platty fry

I feed a liquid fry food called "Small Fry" once every other day usually a few hours b4 a waterchange.
I also feed ground up tropical fish flakes for the slightly larger fry, the smallest of the fry seem to just pick at the surface of the dead leaves.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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