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I think the thai microcrabs are a great idea. While they definitely won't just chill at the front or right on the plants like shrimp, they'll be much bolder when kept in a setup without fish/predators. There's no reason that you couldn't keep both shrimp and the crabs together, though the crabs will likely try to snatch some shrimp hatchlings- though this would be very good for their diet.
In my experience the crabs won't utilize tall bare grassy plants nearly as much as plants that provide better cover, usually those with tightly overlapping leaves like Anacharis. Now, I'm sure you don't want to add that disgusting plant to your setup, but think along the lines of that sort of stem plant. They'll probably like the pogo just fine. I will say that they appreciate some old driftwood to hide on, around and under, and they and your shrimp will appreciate any moss you put in there. I like the look of an HM and DHG mixed carpet- plant both in the same area and let them grow in intertwined- with a couple taller vals in there. I would trim the vals in the front before they reached the top though.
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