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My 1G AquaView Thai Micro Crabitat

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When I got back into the hobby early last year, it didn't take long for M.T.S. to kick in. After my 12G Edge and my first 10G, the next tank I set up was one of those funky-sorta-triangular-but-with-five-sides acrylic AquaView tanks. I had two of them in my garage from years ago. One had a spot for a light in the hood and one didn't, so I set up the one with the light. I immediately replaced the stock incandescent bulb with a 5W 5000K LED. I had to rig it a little to fit it in the hood, but it worked. Well, my first attempt was a complete failure. The 5W bulb in that small of a tank put out a ridiculous amount of light and there was hair algae everywhere. Then the bulb stopped working (maybe from moisture), so I replaced it with a 3W bulb. Since then, it has been on my nightstand housing a variety of invertebrates. I dose with a few drops of Excel when I remember and feed sparingly. The little TOM mini filter gets cleaned out every few months. I was using tiny cuts of carbon pads in that ridiculously tiny little media basket, but with the most recent cleaning I switched to a few little pieces of Matrix. The tank stays very clean, but I have had no luck breeding any of the shrimp I've housed in there and they usually disappear. From what I've seen, I think they eventually develop problems molting and the snails get them.

So I just brought the tank downstairs and decided it was time to do an overhaul. I thought there were two BV's in there, but I only recovered one, so the other may have died recently. I also removed a lot of ramshorn snails and left only a few smaller ones. The shells on the older ramshorns look terrible and pitted, so I believe the water in this tank is too soft. I'll probably drop some crushed coral in with the sand when I rescape to boost the PH.

Planned fauna will be a few ramshorns and some Thai micro crabs. While I like the current jungle look, I'm afraid I won't be able to see the crabs.

Flora includes the following:

-Jungle Val that has been there since the beginning and will probably be moved to one of my big tanks
-Dwarf sag that has sent out runners like crazy and spread all over
-A little DHG
-Even less HC
-Crypt wendtii red

The duckweed grew too thick and blocked out too much light for too long. My crypts melted (but not a lost cause) and I lost some of what little HC was in there. I cleaned out most of the duckweed and may replace with a few RRF.

I have a number of plants I could work with, but I don't want to add too much. I have a few ridiculously large stems of p. helferi that look out of place in my 29G, so I may move a couple of them into this tank. Beyond that, maybe remove the vals and reduce the dwarf sag or cut it down shorter.

I'll be uploading pics from Tapatalk shortly.
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I'm so glad you posted this! I have this exact tank and have been searching for some inspiration.
Could you provide a little more detail about what you did with the light? I couldn't tell to much from the pic. I'd love to get the lid back on mine, since the water evaporates so quickly.
Nice idea about the micro crabs. What do you feed them?

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I know, when I was first trying to decide what to do with this tank, I searched everywhere and only found one stale thread. I originally tried a moss wall and a small sponge filter with a much smaller bulb, but that was a failure. I like the current setup much better. The clear plastic cover comes off (I think there are somewhere between 4 - 6 screws holding it down. The bulb I used was too long to fit into the socket as it was, so I had to remove the cover plate for the socket. Just one screw holds it in place. Then I moved the socket back until I could get the bulb to fit in the lid. It sits up a bit now, so I couldn't put the cover back on the socket. I added some extra reflective tape in addition to the little square that was already there and put the lid back in place. I used a 3 watt ABI daylight LED, but any candelabra bulb should work. Just make sure it isn't too huge. Mine fits very snugly in the space and it was a little hard to get the plastic cover back on. It will occasionally get a little condensation inside, but not too bad. I thought about siliconing, but have been too lazy. I can try to take better pics when I get home, but I'm out of town for a few days.

I am feeding the crabs occasional shrimp pellets and finely-crushed flakes right now. Plus, they're filter feeders. I just hope they aren't supplementing their diet with little shrimplets!
Awesome, thanks! I'll have to go the hardware store and see if I can find those LED candelabra bulbs. I didn't even know they made them.
My filter is a tiny HOB so the lid won't fit snugly, but it might be nicer to have the light in the lid rather than the lamp I'm using now.
You've inspired me to experiment. And I'll keep my fingers crossed for your shimplets!
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