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My 180g Planted Tank

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My new 180g tank only been running for about 11 or 12 weeks let me know what you think the pictures don't really do it justice as i am no great photographer. sorry.

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wow, that is beautiful, what light fixture is that?
Thanks heaps. Its a solarmax 8x39w T5HO
You could probably remove a few bulbs and lower your fixture If you wanted to save on your bulb life, and electricity! If you calculate it right, you could even keep your Par the same.(Par=micromols per square cm per second) Or you could lower your light levels towards the low side, saving you time spent with your arms in the tank trimming plants, co2 and money in the long run.

Hoppy's thread here is a great way to judge how much light you want in your tank.

Or keep it how it is! Looks great by the way!
Thanks for the advise. was thinking of doin that but i like the way it grows although your right my hand is in the tank at least once a week trimming. 2 of the bulbs are blue coralife ones ( i like the colour ). The T5's dont really chew much power and i dont pay for C02 (i work for a welding suppyls company) so might leave it how it is, until i get sick of pruning it.
Awesome looking tank. Looks really full, which im sure took some time with that size of a tank.

What is the plant on the left that is growing up to and horizontal on the surface?
thanks heaps, yeah it has not taken that long only about 3 months plants grew out really quick i just kept trimming and replanting them thick. in the back left i have baby tears and val
Gorgeous! :smile:
Thanks for your comments means alot to me! Just hooked up a new 2700lph pump in the weir today with two seperate linelock sprays at each end of the tank running sweet :biggrin:
tank looks really good, the light is really sleek too
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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