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Hello everyone! I was a lurker in this forum a while back just didn't post here, like, at all. So here's this little box of wonders that has been with me for almost a decade.

When i was in standard 5, i can across a book-Ultimate Aquarium by Gina Sandford. I was enthralled by the contents of that book. As any young, impressionable child would've done in this situation; i latched onto my father until he provided me with an aquarium. He did give me one, a standard 24*12*12 tank. These five pieces of glass have been the subject of my wickedly weird and mostly uneducated experiments, like the time I fed my oscar a nice brown knife, or the time i thought Channas make good tankmates to livebearers. I did grow up, and picked up some tank education, this time by actually reading the book and not getting distracted by the viciously blue dimidiochromis compressiceps. After that i grew up some more and promptly stopped caring about this tank. it still housed a juvenile Synodontis and Clarias.

One day, I saw a planted tank at a friend's house, and i had to have it. So i went ahead and brought in Aquasoil, PL Lamps and the likes. Since then, I have changed the setups way too many times to count. Being a college student, I keep things lowtech, so not really any scope to experiment with high tech plants. Like everytime, I feel like my current setup is doing better than any of my previous ones. So here's the details:

Dimensions: 24*12*12
Lighting: 36W PLL & 9W CFL
Filter: 1 Internal Power Filter & 1 SOBO WP 308H HOB filter
Substrate: ADA Amazonia(reused)
Ferts:Fluorish Iron, Aquatic Remedies Macro, Aquatic Remedies Micro, Fluorish Iron & API CO2 Booster
Flora: Hyg. corymobosa Siamensis, Hyg. difformis, Aunbias barteri nana, Ludwigia repens x arcuata, Pog. erectus, Myrio sp., HM, AR Mini, AR, Nymphaea stellata, Crypt. undulata, Crypt. "axelrodi", Crypt. "flamingo", Crypt. lucens, Crypt. wendtii "Mi Oya" and an unknown grassy plant that I bought as Cyperus helferi which it clearly isn't.
Fauna: 6 banded rainbows(will be relocated), 6 white clouds, misc. fishes I adopted from my friend's tanks(1 guppy, 1 cherry barb, 1 black phantom tetra), 5 Erethistes pusilus, 1 Pseudolaguvia shawi, 1 Pseudolaguvia riberoi and numerous Caridina babaulti shrimp.

Currently battling BBA.

P.S. I plan on replacing most of the fishes with indian native cyprinids and catfishes, so the fauna list will keep on changing.
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