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My 15 gallon collumn

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Plant list.
Crypto wendtii
Anubias nana
Anubias minima
Aponogeton crispus
Java fern
some Val species

1 18 watt T5
2 13 watt CFL 6500k

2 sunset gourami
3 ottocinclus

Bottom layer of eco-complete
topped with basic gravel
flourish tabs

The tank looks dirty, but it's the tannins from the wood. I don't mind the look, the filter is slowly taking care of it along with water changes.
Also these slow growing plants according to the plant profiles, I'm not sure what your difiniton of slow is but these anubias nana have gained an inch in a week after adding them. They're the petsmart bagged plants too!

And a night light shot. I modified the hood of the aqueon collumn, plan on making my own stand and hood from wood in the future and doing all LED.
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Just picked up some more crypts, scored a 2 for one deal. 2 plants were stuck to each other. also picked up an italian val.
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Bought myself a nano501 canister filter at petco for $12 crazy screw up on their part, to house some mechanical filtration and a bag of pruigen. Finally cleared up my tannins.

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Duplicated my 15 gallon into a aqueon evolve 4 gallon, worked great since it uses the same filters as my 15 gallon, so just swapped an old filter and water over along with plants and instant cycle.

Plant list
Crypt wendtii
Anubias minima
anubias nana
Dwarf sag run offs
and i forget what that thing in the front corner is

Did a little house keeping
Added a madagascar lace and dwarf sword
increased the flow with a aqua clear powerhead
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