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Well, I started this back in the beginning of march but haven't done a journal for it. I've learned a bit on the way as well so far.

I had already planned on doing a shrimp tank so I traded a 30B tank I had gotten for 2 x 10G tanks. These were just tanks so I picked up two Aqueon 50W heaters (setable not preset) and two penguin 200's for filters for a start. I haven't started on the other 10.

I realized with shrimp I was going to need a top so I ended up with an Aqueon Versa-top. Not a perfect fit, but pretty close, due to the Penguin Filter.

For a light I started with a CurrentUSA 2x24W T5HO and ended on it as well. When the bulbs went out in the CurrentUSA I thought it was the ballast, both at the same time is why, and picked up CurrentUSA Freshwater+ LED which was returned to the store after I realized medium light plants were dying and I couldn't find a setting to stop it.

For Substrate it has Silica Sand.

Hardscape is two pieces of Mopani Driftwood from Amazon (I seriously thought these were going to be bigger as I bought them for the 75. lol).

For plants, it's just a jumble. I started with a single ludwiga repens then added more including Java Ferns, Java Moss, Cabomba, not sure what else.

For Shrimp it has 20+ PFR in it now. I ordered a 15 Breeder Pack and already have little ones. :)

I cut up a filter media bag and rubber banded it over the intake and I'm running two cartridges to slow the flow a bit.

Since I have no idea where I'm going with this tank yet I'm open to ideas. :)

2 of the pictures were taken w/ the Satellite in the two different night modes.

Bump: The pictures are out of order, but if you mouse over them it shows the dates. Couldn't figure out how to rearrange them after i hit submit.


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