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My 10 Gallon.

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Well, here's my lame set-up. It's in the basement, out of sight. So that's why it dosent look great or anything. I plan on taking the rim off, and bringing it up in my room, right next to my paludarium. Here are some photos of my set up, and plants. I need them ID'd! :)

10k Bulb, 10 Gallon filter, and 60 Watt heater.
Red Sea CO2 Bio System.
PH: 7.0
Temp: 78

Here are some pictures of the plants, I really need them ID'd. I've done some research, I've got some HC in there, Maybe some Java Fern. I know the bigger leaved floating plant is Salvinia Natans. There's a smaller floating plant in there as well. It dosent spread very quickly but is still visualy appealing.

Here's the pictures.

I didnt buy all these plants, a lot of them were given to me, by my buddy who breeds fish. He just threw them into a ziploc and brought them over. :)

Thank you everyone, Any feedback is suggested! This is my first go at a planted tank. I know most of these plants will go into my paludarium, but cuttings/trimmings will go into my nanotank for safe keeping! :)

I may make a false background for it, such as they do in nano-reefs, to keep everything hidden. Though, we'll see.

Thank you! :)
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Well that center plant in the second pic with the long stem is a Dracanea species sold at Petsmart as White Ribbon. Non Aquatic species that would do fine in a terranium/vivarium/paludarium. Is there a way you can take the plants out of the tank and lay the out so we can id them better? What is your lighting? How many watts? And you also got some duckweed....good luck getting rid of that.
Yes, I'll lay them all out in a few days. Once my PH in my Paludarium subsides to 7.0, I'll bring the plants up to go back into the tank. At that point in time i'll lay them all out on a white paper towel for you all to see.

Thanks! The bulb is an 18" 10k Oceanic bulb. Not sure on the watts.
It's not just "Standard" I dont think. I got it at the pet store, It's intended for coral growing. The guy said that they use these above all the planted tanks they have there.
If the bulb (not the screw in part) looks like this then you want to switch it out.:

The blue part is made for coral growing. Find out the wattage as well that will help if you need future help.
Nope, the bulb is white.
IN the first pic, the plant with the dark green large leaves looks like a Chinese Evergreen, which is also a terrestrial plant.
I'm going to lay them all out today, so you all gert get a good visual. I'll post it in the plant section, so watch out! :icon_wink

Thanks agian guys.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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