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Mutation: encourage or destroy?

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I've been breeding black stripe Endler's for nearly a year,
and sell them for $1 each on craigslist for fun and profit.
I noticed arced spine female, a third generation inbreed.
she is healthy and very active. I don't know if she was
injured as a fry and healed, or was born this way. she
is still a virgin, so my question is, should I breed her in
hopes this arced spine trait might be desirable if a male
offspring inherits it, or should I feed her to my gourami.

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Show quality guppy breeders immediately cull these, as to avoid the risk of it being genetic and getting passed on to offspring.

I personally would do the same, as it looks unhealthy and possibly painful for the fish, even if they seem to be active and healthy....
I dont think that is a trait. Just some thing that happened during its egg form somewhat like injury
I breed endlers and I would cull her. Trying to breed her could possibly cause her more trouble than what it would be worth.
Plus - people like me hate to see fish like that in the stores. they don't look healthy. and they usually don't live very long and are prone to diseases. I'd say cull it.
Mutation occurs naturally in nature.

I would guess that most often the mutated fish do not survive due to their physical difference and impairment, so they are naturally "culled" when they are easily picked out by predators, have shortened life span and are prone to diseases.

However, I do not have much to say because the endlers are under human care. I don't see any benefit you get from trying to breed this "mutated" fish, maybe it's really suffering from the deformed spine? I dont know. I guess you should cull it to represent what will most likely happen in nature. But it's up to you in the end.
When we had guppies i had one just like that and i left it alone and never saw any more in future generations. I dont recal if it was male or female but either way it lived out its life with the other guppies in the tank.
Why not let it live out it's life in one of your tanks. If you notice something wrong then put it down. Otherwise I say let it live but do not breed that into the current stock.

Have you decided yet?

Best of luck,
All along I was going to feed her to my crayfish,
hmm, which euthanasia method shall I choose;
fishcicle, or just snip it's head off really quickly.

but I was curious what people's reaction and
reasoning would be on the subject, especially
since I had such really cool pictures. so thanks
everyone for contributing to this thread

It's interesting to note the difference between
reactions here and on APC, where they'd have
me wear a hasmat suit just to cull this fish :hihi:
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It's interesting to note the difference between
reactions here and on APC, where they'd have
me wear a hasmat suit just to cull this fish :hihi:

Hahahahahahahahhaha!!!! Beware of the TB !!!! If you start coughing up blood after culling this fish, I recommend you see a doctor :)
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