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Murderer Female Amano

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I've kept Amano Shrimps for quite some times now, recently I had a massive swarm of shrimp bugs so I threw in a few small size guppies to get rid of it. It did bring the shrimp bug colony down a bit but what shocked me is that one of my female Amano Shrimp took down a guppy! I had never seen this before! Plently of food in my tank. Anyone ever noticed Amano taking out small fish?

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That's crazy! I've had amanos for only a little but they seemed so harmless.
Yepp, witnessed it in action. It was feeding time base on my schedule.. Monday, Wednesday, Friday.. repeat. As soon as I dropped 3 pieces of ADA RED BEE shrimp food, she went crazy running around the tank then just happened to mysteriously grabbed a good size guppy. The guppies were below waterline just hanging out below the hydrophilia plant that I had floating ontop.. she just snatched it.

That's what I thought also. Never did I've seen them go for any type of fish. Good thing I didn't go for Celestial Pearl Danio fish instead. Even though feeder guppies are $1 for a dozen.. just surprised that they actually eat fish. Tank is well planted, would assumed that there is plenty of food, debris, algae for the shrimps to eat. Probably she was super hungry and wated something meaty to munch on?
Maybe it's an evil mutation. I have some pretty good sized Amanos in a tank with Endlers (very small guppies). So far no witness of casualties, even though I don't feed the shrimpers.

Good catch... well, I mean you snapping the image. Nice tank you got there.
Seeing as how that's a pregnant female....even more impressed! How that guppy was unable to get away though, is beyond me.
you should selectively breed some attack a guppy, in 10 generations these will be attacking people.
Haha, funny. Except breeding Amano isn't easy. Successful first time around, 2nd time was able to get it to floating larva stage.. then it just all died out. Could of been the weather.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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