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MultiTankMusings -- Low Tech Newbie Pre-Planning

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Confession: I have multiple tank syndrome before the first one has finished cycling.

I -- Chibi (this means "little" in Japanese) aka "baby bare"

*$5 from Craigslist had a mouse in it before

* washed with Dawn bleached and soaked with vinegar and baking soda rinsed 6 times soaked overnight with water and dechlor

*2.5 standard bare 2 marimo moss balls unfiltered as plant quarantine for now

*Have purchased a hood with light ( en route ) and a Hagen internal mini filter ( just arrived )

*has a screen top that screws on, but I will probably give that away via Craigslist

II -- GoTenGo (this means "5.5" in Japanese) aka "mama bare"

*$5 on CL the guy selling the 2.5 dropped it from $7 bc I bought 2

*5.5 standard it smelled of reptile so I washed in with Dawn soaked it in bleach then vinegar/baking soda rinsed it 3times need to rinse it some more

*need to soak in water and dechlor

* terrified that I won't rinse it enough and that one of my bettagirls will die bc of this, so sometimes fantasize about buying a new 5 gal kit

* need a filter and a heater (heater after October)

III -- Spec V (Gah! So pretty I blew my budget on it! It was on sale for $75!)

* have been cycling, params look good but need to be better about testing regularly

* feel intimidated by this tank bc it is so gorgeous. Performance anxiety.

IV-- DaiSuki (it's a pun -- dai means "big" or "a lot" and it's my biggest tank, "dai suki" means "I like something a lot") aka "papa bare"

* with filter, lighted hood and stand with a canister of tropical crisps $30 on CL

* unfortunately a lot of mineralization -- previous inhabitants were cyclids upgraded to seller's new bigger tank

* might sell to a friend who has cyclids for $25 including stand, and all. He doesn't mind mineralization

*was a total impulse buy. Geez. Need to not shop when blood sugar is low.
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Have purchased:

Black diamond 2040

Miracle Grow Organic Potting Mix

Estes river gravel (so pretty)

Red glass gravel (in the bottom of the critter keepers now where my betta CT girls are chillin' --yes I water change them a lot!).

Plants on order (thanks to the very generous Forum members who are providing them!)

Dwarf sag
S Bihar
Dwarf water lettuce
Guppy grass
Taiwan moss
Red root floaters

And some snails are coming along. And maybe Shrimp eggs? I think shrimps are cool!

But am afraid of killing them.

Will rinse out and prep mama bare this weekend, soak the miracle gro, pour off and cap, then use it as plant qt and begin cycling it.
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