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Multiple types of algae causing problems

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Hi all,

I'm hoping to get some advice on how to deal with all this algae... It seems like the new growth on the plants is good (as you can tell from the overhead shot) but the older growth tends to get covered in algae and starts looking bad. There has also been algae on my rocks for a very long time and it does not look very good. I don't mind the green algae on the driftwood but the tufts of hair algae look really bad in my opinion. There is also some really bad green spot algae (I think) on my anubias nana. The tank looked even worse a few weeks ago (before I got some Oto Cats). They have helped a lot but I know that I need to find the cause of the algae issue instead of just managing it with fish.

1) What adjustments should I make to try and fix the algae issues? (Lower photoperiod? Less ferts? More plants?)
2) Is there any immediate action I should take? (Taking plants/rocks out and treating them with H2O2/bleach? I am not opposed to a full blown cleaning)
3) Should I try to trim all the algae covered leaves/stems off the plants? How do I get lush, healthy looking plants when my old growth looks awful?

Pictures: Algae Issues - Album on Imgur
I wrote comments on each picture describing what I was trying to capture.

Tank:55 gal corner tank (18 inch depth from water level to substrate)
Filter:Fluval 405 Filter w/ filter floss, Sera Siporax, and Purigen
Powerhead (not sure the details, I bought the tank second hand and it came with it)
CO2:Pressurized CO2 runs from 9am to 6pm. Drop checker stays yellowish green. No signs of O2 deficiencies in fish.
Lighting:Finnex Ray2 24" runs from 11am to 7pm
Substrate: Amazonia Aqua Soil & Gravel (Mixed)
Fertilizer: NiloCG Thrive+ Dosed 3x per week using suggested dosing amount Thrive+ 2000ml | Premium Liquid Fertilizer | NilocG Aquatics
Fertilizer: NiloCG GH Booster Dosed 1x per week using suggested dosing amount GH Booster | NilocG Aquatics
50% Water Change Weekly

Bioload is a mix of Danios, Tetras, Barbs, Corys... 2 Plecos and 4 Oto Cats

Please let me know if there is any other information I can provide that might help diagnose this issue
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Looks like some bba? What method are you using to dissolve co2?
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