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Have some packages available from this week's maintenance.

Small boxes are $30.00
Medium boxes are $40.00
Shipping is included.

I don't sell by the stem, You tell me the species you are interested in and ill put together the box with pictures.
You just tell me how much of a given species you want, and we can see how much will fit in a box.

Portions are generous, to say the least.

Species list:

Blyxa japonica
Baby Tears
Star grass
Brazilian Pennywort
Rotala rotifundiola (100+ big and pretty)
Ludwigia repens
Ludwigia ruban
Ludwiwgia sp. red
Hygro fern
Peacock Moss (a lot)
Java Moss
ludwigia inclinata crystal
Hygrophila Angustifolia
alternanthera reineckii
alternanthera reineckii mini
Pogostemon helferi
trident fern
staurogyne sp. 'low grow'
Persecaria Kawagoeanum
cardinalis lobelia small form
Bacopa Carolina
Baocopa monnieri
Aponogeton bulbs (various species)
Valsneria Americana
Limnophila mini Vietnam
Hygrophila Araguaia
Argentinian Swords
Frog bit
Red root floaters

Olive Nerites : 10 for $20.00

PM me for pics of plants or examples of small and medium box orders.
Texting is easier for me (561) 722-7367
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