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Multiple questions about shrimp and snails

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Stats: 30 gal long moderately planted tank admittedly overgrown and neglected for two weeks while on vacation. API NEXX canister filter. Nitrate <10 ppm. 6 month old tank. 10% water change daily. possibly overfed in the last two weeks.

Why someone would breed these infernal pests is beyond me. You could probably breed them in a glass of water if you let it sit for a while. They are not only unsightly but I am concerned about bio load bcuz of all these snails, 5 small fish, and (hopefully) multiple red rili shrimp/ possibly fire red. I also want to kill them without poison, but also don't want assassin snails overrunning my tank bcuz if there is food they may not kill the things. probably limiting my options but idk. I'm planning on adding shrimp soon but idk if i can.

2. Any ways to raise Gh and Kh without expensive chemicals?
I cannot seem to find sieryu stones or any other wierd stones near me. (northeastern maryland) Also dont want to change my substrate cuz it was really expensive. My well water tests at 0 degrees GH and 2 degrees KH, PH 5.5 no nitrate/ ammonia. I need normal params for neos.

3. If I must keep them, how to control assassin snails from eating my shrimp and how to keep them eating snails?
I heard that assassin snails eat shrimp and may eat excess food in the tank. I want to know how to keep them from overrunning my tank also. The last thing I need is an infestation of predatory snails.

4. Is it safe to keep the fish and shrimp together?
I know that this is asked so often on here but I am asking it again. I have 1 lyretail guppy, 2 zebra danios, and 1 male marigold swordtail. I may just end up giving my 10 gal hospital tank away with these fish. That seems like the simplest answer and that way I minimize casualties.

5. How to make an effective prefilter for the baby shrimps?
I don't know how most canister filters are but the pump on my filter is on the outside of the filter, rendering most commercial prefilters useless. It is a 2" by 2" by 3" black box with an impeller inside. I want to know if anyone has had expireince with an API NEXX for this issue. I may just have to use panty hoes but I wanna know if anyone has any other suggestions?

6. Do I need a diffusion device to help control flow?
I am concerned about having to much flow with this filter. The filter is rated for a 55 gallon tank but I only have a 30 gal. I think it might blow the shrimps around the tank and stress them out especially the babies.

Phew... that was a lot. Sry bout all the questions but I just don't want any shrimps to die. Thanks for all your responses.
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For the snails you can use No Planaria. Doesn't say it will kill snails on the packaging, but it will.
I just had a planaria outbreak a couple weeks ago, and used that stuff. It killed the planaria and any snails that were in the tank. Shrimps and fish will be fine.

Just remember though - your snail issues are like you said from over feeding. Cut down on the feeding or you'll have issues down the road again.
Your fish only need to be fed every other day, and only enough so that they finish it in two min.
+1 on no planaria

2) Don't quote me on this, but baking soda will raise gh or kh or both, I don't remember which but you can find it on this forum. Instead, I really recommend fluval shrimp mineral supplement as its cheap, kent RO remineralizer, or mosura mineral plus ultra.

4) it depends on the fish, but I've had 2" guppies nom an entire 3" Amano shrimp in one gulp. Actually desemated 15 amanos inside of 2 weeks between 2 adult guppies. Much less my cherries and CRS.

5) ? As long as there is an intake tube that goes in the tank, you can put a fluval prefilter sponge or a stainless steel prefilter on it and that will stop it from sucking in the shrimp. If you have a sump/overflow setup, I'd put sponges over the overflow part in the tank so it will limit the amount that will crawl up it and flick into the overflow.

6) flow rate won't make a big difference. I have 2 sunsun 302 canister filter(267gph) on my 20 gallon shrimp only tank. Shrimp are fine.
to raise kh and ph use baking soda(sodium bicarbonate)
to raise gh use epsom salt(magnesium sulfate
this is my intake. it is the pump for the filter. I've tried to rubberband a thin sponge to it. that didn't work. I just don't know what to do now. :(
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Hmmm.. Thats a tough one.. Is it a submersible filter? Or Whats the name of it?
what type of shrimp do you keep?
Though you'll have to clean it on a weekly basis, black pantyhose over the filter intake will work.
That is the intake for my canister filter. It seems virtually impossible to do anything with at this point. It is an API NEXX canister filter. They designed it to not have the pump inside. I don't want buy another one cuz of this. This thing worked great for fish only but now that I'm converting to shrimp only it is a living nightmare. I'm planning on keeping either red/green/blue rilis or pfrs. Not a shrimp that warrants the kind of overhaul that more expensive shrimp would but I just don't want any to die. Thanks for your responses.:icon_conf
Though you'll have to clean it on a weekly basis, black pantyhose over the filter intake will work.
Thanks. I was planning on using pantyhose. Do they decintegrate after a long time? or repeated use? Should I just use a rubber band to close it off around the top?
i don't know about you i cut out the fish net and sew it up
Usually last a year or so for me. I typically swap them out when the rubber band falls apart. Rubber bands tend to be the most convenient.

Thanks. I was planning on using pantyhose. Do they decintegrate after a long time? or repeated use? Should I just use a rubber band to close it off around the top?
This is the Nexx filter pump that goes inside the tank:

It doesn't have an intake that you can place a shrimp-safe filter cap on.

You'll have to rig something to go over the intake slits.

Suggestions anyone?

Would shrimp be okay with this, or would they get stuck? It's rated at 132 GPH (single stage) to 260 GPH (three stages). How do shrimp react around circulation pumps of 250/500/higher GPH? Do they get shredded?
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I use bio media bags, they do not clog up like the panty hose do. You can get the media bags in all sizes and fasten it with a rubber band or a tie wrap.
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