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Multiple Plants needing ID

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Hello, I got a few plants from one of those mixed packages from petco, they all started out super tiny and looked nothing like they do now. The back of the package had plant scientific names but none were marked and when I individually searched each name none looked how mine did, probably because mine were so tiny. Its been almost a year since then and I would like to know what species they are cause Im tired of not knowing xD If any plant ID experts could help me, would be great!

Im guessing this is a kind of Crypt though it has never melted even after multiple transplants, which is opposite of what Ive hear about crypts.
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This one Im completely lost because its grown to the rock like an Anubius or Java fern would do, this one grew hair algae ALL over it so about 3 weeks ago I trimmed off every leaf

Plant Terrestrial plant Terrestrial animal Soil Grass

and lastly this stem plant, it didnt grow very fast until I got medium-high lighting and now its growing pretty fast, I have multiple stems of it around my tank but this is the only one I can get a 'decent' photo of
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