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Multiple CO2 Dispenser vs single with increased bubble count

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I've a 65 gal tank (3.5 feet wide) and doing planted tank for the first time. I've a ceramic dispenser of 1 inch dia with bubble counter within. I have placed it on the opposite side of the powerhead so the bubbles are pushes around the tank before they escape to the surface. My current configuration is at 2 bps, however, my CO2 checker which is on the other end of the tank is still bluish mostly. If I increase the bps, the bubbles quickly escape to the water surface and disappears.

Should I split the CO2 and use 2 dispensers or just increase the bps and don't worry about bubbles escaping? :nerd:
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To split a single co2 line effectively into 2 requires a needle valve per each line. When everything else is right (no leaks, flow, dispenser location, etc) the benefits of 2 dispensers in the same tank are questionable.

What fluid are you using in your co2 checker? The co2 checkers (aka drop checker) take a while to react to changes in pH, they are commonly 2-3 hours behind.
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