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Hey guys, I found myself very strapped for cash so I'm unfortunately gonna have to sell off my extra aquariums and filters that I've been so dearly hanging on to haha.

55 gallon aquarium with metal, two level stand, plastic lids, 48inch fluorescent light, aquaclear 110 filter and heater. $125 (Will take $100 if picked up by 5/6 at 2pm) SOLD

20 gallon long aquarium with glass lid, 30inch fluorescent light, metal two level stand, and aquaclear filter. $60

40 gallon column tank- (roughly 20x22x24 tall) $40

40 gallon breeder tank (brand new)- $40

20 gallon long- $20
20 gallon high- $20

Rena XP2 (M) Canister Filter, used but still in perfect working condition. $75
Rena XP3 (L) Canister Filter New, only tested with clean water. $100
Aquaclear 110 filter- $40 each
Aquaclear 70 filter- $30 each
Aquaclear 50 filter- $25 each
Penguin 200 no media- $10
Penguin 300 no media- $15

I also have aquarium fish, plants, and other aquarium things that we could talk about if you'd like to buy my other items.

Willing to drop price if you buy multiple things. Call or text 610-592-4450. Name is Steve.

Thank you.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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