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MTSs went crazy on the Calcium tablet

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I originally put 3 MTSs in the betta bowl, within 2 months there are dozens of them. My water is soft and a little bit acidic. I kind of worry how they'll get enough calcium from the water. So I put some seashells and hope they would be fine. Recently I though one of the big ones has some kind of cracks on the shell (it turned out later to be false alarm). Anyway, I dropped in one calcium tablet (costco). The next morning, I found that most of them (I think) were gathering around the white powder. I never saw so many of them together before, not even when I dropped some food for them occasionally. It was like a big surprise. I don't think there's any tasty stuff in the tablet, mainly CaCO3 and some filler. Hopefully, they'll be fine and very happy.