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6 New tanks in 1 week.

Last Saturday I picked up a 5g hex as a female tank (until I can decide to breed them or put them in a community tank). Then I picked up a 5g bow-front to start my awesome planted tank, and possibly someday be a breeding tank for the HB Blues I got yesterday (they're only 2 days old right now).

Tomorrow I'm going to pick up a 2.5g hex with a tiger barb and a danio and a 10g with four cichlids (don't know what kind yet). The danio's going in the community tank and I think I'll get two more tiger barbs for the 2.5 hex. I may or may not keep the cichlids. I might give them to my boyfriend for V-Day since he has an empty tank that I was going to put blue moscows in. Yes, I'm prepared to get them a larger tank or find them a new home when the time comes.

Friday I'm getting another 2.5g hex from a lady in my neighborhood in KC. Then Saturday morning I'm going to pick up a 20g also in the KC area. Saturday afternoon will be spent making optimum use of the time in the city to pick up a few things I can't get here (like Penguin bio-wheel filters, driftwood, better substrate, uncommon livebearers, etc)


So much to do before tomorrow!! I found out about those two tanks about 30 min ago. I gotta round up a stand for the 10g and figure out how to safely transport the cichlids the hour from there to here on windy awesome Ozarks roads.
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