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MTS gas bubbles

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How do i stop these gasses from forming?
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you cant really stop it. its the organic material braking down in the MTS. some say that they will eventually stop, but mine never did. i have had mine for about 8 months and it still gases like crazy.

hopefully yours will stop eventually
yea it shouldnt be gassing for weeks maybe 1-3 days and when you notice you should push down to release them. then vac the mess away. that should be it for gas
Just do water changes, this poses little risk I have so much of it in so many tanks.
Derek. What soil did you use?

what are your nitrate readings?
Done correctly following AaronT's method all the organic material should be broken down in the MTS PRIOR to tanking it.

Rest easy though as these bubbles are no cause for alarm.
I prefer NPT and leave the organic material to break down in the tank and pause for a sad moment 10-12 months after flooding a new tank when it stops. The bubbles releasing from the substrate hurt nothing and the random burps rarely lift much soil through the cap. Using MGOCPM straight from the bag only twice have I had to clean up a breach.

As long as organic material remains buried (leaves, twigs, bark etc.) bacteria will break it down and mostly CO2 is what's released.
My tank with partially mineralized commercial topsoil is still generating substrate bubbles after 6 months, but I have never been able to smell any sign of sulfur or other noxious gas, so I believe it is mostly CO2. It has never done the slightest harm as far as I can tell.
ok sounds good thanks everyone
Can it be to deep? Mine goes up to 7" in some places but there are roots in the deep parts of the substrate if that makes a difference
i don't think you can have to deep of substrate, you just lose some tank water space but the more dirt you have the longer it will last
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