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Mr Aqua shallow aquarium.

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Hi everyone.

So I had a 12g Mr aqua tank I was using as a frag tank then decomissioned.

It sat for a few months collecting dust.
I went to the doctor earlier this week and got good news so I decided to celebrate by starting my first planted tank since the fish store was conveniently down the street.

This is actually my 2nd freshwater tank since i had a tiny tank with some moss balls and a crayfish before ,but my first all out planted tank.I started with a reef tank but now I felt like its time for a 2nd less demanding aquarium but equally beautiful scenery.

Ill post the details down below,but first a few pictures for you guys.


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Looks nice. Could I recommend some bushy plants along the back wall, like echinodorus compacta?
I have one somewhere on the left hand side.Thats the sword plants right?
I do plan to fill this up as i go along.

Heres the equipment and stock list.

Aqueon HOB power filter 20g rated.
Fluval mini heater
Aqua illumination Prine HD LEds
12g Mr aqua shallow tank.
Mini powerhead


8 neon tetras
1 Crowntail betta
3 glass fish
2 kuhli loaches

Plants: Ill find out the names as im not too firmiliar with them yet.

I used fine grain sand for the bottom layer and Brightwells Rio Escuro F substrate for the top layer.

Tanks been up and running for less than a week.


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What an awesome tank! I love the wood exposed out of the surface of the water.

I would add 3 more khuli loaches. They are most comfortable in groups, and you'll get a lot more enjoyment out of them.
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