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Mr. Aqua 53.4g: set-up through dry-start

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This is a journal for my Mr. Aqua 53.4g, low-iron, rimless build. Started in on this during summer of 2014.

Manzanita hardscape with ADA Amazonia substrate.
Filtration is HOB and sponge filters run from my central linear drive pump.

14x Cree XML RGBW Star LEDs on a MakersLED heatsink. Each color is wired separately to a 4-channel controller and ramp timer.

I was a bit nervous with this build, as it seems to be landing in somewhat uncharted territory. But the build turned out well, and the PAR readings look great. This light is basically sex.

Crypts; ideii, dewitti, pygmaea, nurii phang mutated, albida
various buces
monte carlo
mini fiss

Taiwan Bees, ottos

Update #1: These pictures are from the set-up through near the end of the dry start. The next update will show the tank flooded and hopefully show off the capabilities of the light.

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I like the wood layout. What are you using as a stand (i.e. is it strong enough)?
Heavy-duty 36x18in rack, rated for 1,000lb. My rough estimate of the weight of the tank is half that. Tank has been flooded about a month now, and it seems fine. A 40g breeder on the bottom counter-weights it.
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