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Mr. Aqua 48 Gallon Rimless

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I just accepted delivery of my new Mr. Aqua 48 gallon rimless aquarium from Marine Depot. This is basically Mr. Aqua's copy of the ADA 90P with standard clarity glass.

Frankly, after reading other reviews mentioning occasionally off-square seams and less than perfect silicone work, I was a little nervous about purchasing this aquarium. Ultimately, I just rolled the dice and bought it over the ADA due to price, and over Do!Aqua since the 48 gallon Do!Aqua isn't available in the states.

I have to say that I'm really glad I did. The tank I received is really nice. Silicone work is overall excellent (well there's a little silicone residue on the rim that I need to wipe off, but that's no big deal) and the edges are almost perfectly aligned (One side is recessed maybe 1/2 a millimeter, but that's close enough to perfect).

Marine Depot is also offering a $50 off coupon on these guys until 10/31. If you've been considering one of these tanks, I say jump on it!
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