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I'm leaving the hobby after a few years of delaying getting back into it, which came after a few years of diving back into the planted tank world :)

It's tough to get rid of the last of it - I sold my 75g last year and held onto my 22g "just in case" I changed my mind. But it's just been taking up space in my basement.

Here's the list:

- Mr. Aqua 22g Rimless Tank (has some calcium buildup)
- Aquatic Fundamentals Stand
- Current USA Satellite Planted Plus LED Light 36-48"
- Cal Aqua Glass Filter Pipes (Efflux F1 and Influx X1s, no suction cups)
- Fluval 205
- 5lb co2 tank
- Air Products E12-4-N145B CGA Regulator w/ Burkert 00057445 solenoid (worked years ago, don't have means to test them)
- Hoppy's Par Meter (old version I guess?)
- Box of rocks and mystery box of assorted parts

Pickup in the Baltimore or Columbia area. Offers accepted.

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