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Mr.Aqua 22 gallon

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Tank: Mr.Aqua 22 gallon
Stand: Ikea stand
Filter: Eheim 2213 running stock media
Lights: Coralife dual t5ho. Will be upgrading to the ADA Archaea slim pro :grin2:
Co2: Tippman 24 ounce bottle w/Aquatek regulator, Aquatek bubble counter and Aquatek diffuser
Misc: Temporary Heater from Aqueon until I can upgrade to Cobalt

Current Dosing Regimen:
Not dosing anything yet. Any suggestions???

Substrate: Two bags of Mr. Aqua aquarium soil

Hydrocotyle Tripartita Japan
Clump of narrow leaf java fern
3x Cryptocoryne Wendtii Brown
1x Cryptocoryne flamingo
Echonidorus Tennellus (mixed in with the glosso)

Pair of Peacock Gudgeon
1x Medusa pleco
3x Otto cats

Have had the tank up and running for about 6 weeks now. The newest plants woud be the glosso which were added about 2 weeks ago and are now spreading. Was thinking about adding more Wendtii brown in the front and side of the existing Wendtii brown and adding more glosso to let it carpet more. The hydrocotyle has grown very fast and it may need a trim. Any suggestions from anyone? Thanks!


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Looks great! I really like the look of those Mr. Aqua 22's and I like what you've done with yours.

...adding more glosso to let it carpet more.
More would look nice growing against the rocks and back to the Flamingo. It seems the secret to a good Glosso carpet is very aggressive pruning so it'll spread rather than wanting to grow vertically.
Thanks!!! And yes the gloss has started to grow out across the substrate but I need to trim it now to force more growth. Time to buy more aquascaping tools! lol! I most likely going to take out the Tenellus and place glosso there. Does anyone know whats a good all around fert I can use?And if anyone is wondering, all of my plants I bought on ebay in vitro cups from a supplier called plantsfactory or thegreenhabitat. No snails and excellent growth out of the cup.
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Just an update


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Does anyone know if the twinstar led would fit on a 22 gallon mr.aqua? I'm looking at the 90cm fixture for 36 inch aquarium. The mr. Aqua is like 35.4 I believe. Link for more details.
Looks great. What is the Ikea stand you've got this on? I've been looking for something inexpensive that would fit this tanks dimensions nicely.
Tried topping off ro/distilled water mixed with dechlorinator and I got some instant melting from crypts. Was reading on some forums that ro/distilled wouldn't harm plants. Guess it did
Crypts still melting back. Had to clean up all the dead mushy leaves. Anyone have that problem where ro water melted their crypts?
Crypts have bounced back. Will update pics when I get home. Anyone know if a betta will work in this tank with the 4 peacock gudgeons and 6 or so orange Sakura shrimp. This tank now is super packed with plants.
Updated pics. Added a red tiger lotus and some mini java fern trident. Never seen this variety of java fern before and was told by the supplier I was one if the few individuals with this variety. Also got a little algae issue. Just did a 50% water change and increased the flow to hopefully combat this.


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That carpet is impressive!
Just ordered the twin star LED for this tank. Will update when I receive it.
FYI to those with a mr aqua 22 long. The 90cm led does not fit.
Any diy recommendations to extend the legs out?
I'm returning the twinstar because t doesn't fit. If anyone has any advice for a potential led light for this type of tank, input is appreciated. My t5ho setup is good but I think I can better plant growth with a better setup. I like the finnex planted plus but I'm worried the light spread won't reach from front to back which is the problem with this t5ho setup. I've always liked the ada mh solar but those waste too much energy and I think I would need two for this tank to spread across 36 inches. Let me know what guys think?
FYI to those with a mr aqua 22 long. The 90cm led does not fit.
do you have any more info about the fitment problems?
i have the same tank and was hoping to get a twinstar light. based on online specs, the light is about 1.4cm shorter than the tank.
i was hoping to get longer screws and put a couple of washers between the light and the light mounts
maybe you could try that
Hey everyone haven't updated in a while. Just noticed something strange that I thought couldn't be done in just pure freshwater. I have an Amano shrimp that's carrying a cluster of eggs. I thought they needed brackish water to breed successfully?
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