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Mr Aqua 18" Square

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Yet another square, regular glass.
One Current USA Sat+, will probably add 1 or 2 Current USA Sat.
Used ADS Multi, not sure on co2.

Want to try mixed foreground: HC, Hydrocotyle Japan, Marsilea minuta, Lilaeopsis Mauritius, DHG, etc - all intermixed.

Wanted to try some new to me "grassy" plants but not too many replies to my WTB.
Lava rocks are just there, not part of the scape ... yet.

The background is black, but looks too blue in pics. Not even flooded yet.

But the my plants are ready:

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Sweet, I like the idea of a "mixed" foreground!
Definitely keeping a close eye on this. As your low/no tech vases are gorgeous, this will have to be just as great if not better!
Another new tank? You should seek help for that sickness Oleg.:flick: I wished I had the time for more than one tank but I guess I will just have to be content with one for now and live vicariously through others. Maybe I should fill my pond in and then I might be able to justify getting another tank and after spending the entire day today cleaning my pond out I was seriously considering it. I'm getting too old to be climbing around inside of there for 10 hours straight.

I will be looking forward to seeing what you do with this. I wish I had some of the plants you are looking for and would send them your way. The only one that I have on your list is blyxa aubertii and while it has finally started growing I don't see it producing any new plants that I could propagate yet but when it does you are more than welcome to them.
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Still in progress:

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Another Cube? Just playing, I know you are loving them for the space. Looks fantastic. Where is this, looks like your office possibly?

Looks stunning already, this is going to be AMAZING. 3 Sat+, there is my endorsement for Current right there haha.
You can hide your cash money between those plants. Nobody is gonna find it there.
Where did the hardscape go? :hihi:

What's the grassy foreground plant? Is it a lileaopsis sp.?
Damn you make scaping look easy with your "BAM new tank scape!" attitude, did you decide on co2 in this tank? Can you give a full plant list for this beast?
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