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Mr Aqua 17.1 Shrimp Rack

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Hello everyone,

I've seen many threads that have inspired me to start my first rack. It will be composed of 3 Mr Aqua 17.1 tanks and will be housing TB'S, PBL and PRL. The rack was DIY nothing fancy, but strong enough to hold the tanks (I HOPE)馃槃.

I will be using the items below:

ADA AS Substrate
2213/2215 Eheim
HOB Aqua clear 50
Double sponge filters
Finnex Ray 2

I really want to try a UGF. I've seen may threads and read about it but still feel uncomfortable of it. Any feedback will be appreciated! !

I know many of you have used different kind of products when setting up a new tank and they only thing I have used is old sea mud, BT9 and BioPlus. I have not had much luck or notice any difference using the products . This time around I will be using MK-BREED it had been recommended by a fellow member.

Please let me know your thoughts! !

I'm still consider my self a noob and will really appreciate your feedback.


Just some picture of the tanks and where the rack is going to be going. I will finish it tomorrow.
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Looks good man mr aqua tanks rock. Sounds like you have a good setup going with finnex and eheims

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LOL, it's almost done.
Like the rack, build it yourself

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Yes, it was a little work but I think it was worth it.
The rack looks awesome, can't wait to see the full setup. I like the proportions.
Shelf Shelving Wood Cabinetry China cabinet

Just a little update. I'm not sure if I should paint the back !!!

Waiting on some new products!
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Nice rack! :D

(he said with a nearly straight face)

Seriously, though, I like it. That's going to be one heckuva shrimp farm!
Thanks Man 馃槑
I don't know if I should paint the back.
Tough call. Try posterboard first, $5 at Staples will cover all of them, see if you like it. Also depends what shrimp you intend to keep, and what substrate.
You know I love painted backs so I would
Don't paint them try the board trick to see of you like it than look on amazon for thermal dark window tint. It's really cheap for a big roll. That's what I use on all my tanks.
I'm going to take down the frame in the back and since the background is green it should be good enough.
Those sponge filters seem way small to me. or is it just the photo?
He will be running a sump to se he is not using it for main filtration and should be fine.
cancel that looks like changed to run 2215 and 2213. Should still be good, but I see where you are going with it.
even with a sump I'd still run larger sponge filters.

my latest shrimp rack my sump is about 50% the volume of the tanks and I still run the largest sponge filters in each tank.
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