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Mr. Aqua 17.1 - 60p

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Just picked up a new Mr. Aqua 17.1 gallon tank, which is their version of the 60p! My goal with this tank is to become proficient at aquascaping, so it will probably get torn down at least once a year or so and rebuilt.

This tank journal will document the full build including stand and aquascape layouts.

I do not currently have a stand for this tank & I plan to build one myself.

For a substrate I picked up a bag of ADA Amazonia.

I've still gotta pick up a filter & such. I will probably use a 24" dual lamp T5HO that I already own with Giesemann bulbs.

I plan to scape this tank with stone as I've never used any stone.

This tank has me super freakin stoked! I can't wait! More to come as everything progresses!!

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Ordered some wood & 50lb of seiryu stone! Obviously that's way more than I'll need but I wanna have plenty of options!

I've been debating between an eheim 2213 & the 2215. I recently switched my 20L to a 2215 & that is a lot of flow! Like whoa!! Anyone have thoughts on this?

I'll probably order some glass lily pipes once I figure out which filter to go with. I recently ordered some for my 20L. I may wait to see what quality those end up being... they're shipping from Hong Kong. If they're semi decent, I'll probably just reorder the same ones. I waited to order glass pipes for the 55 on this same thing.

If I can find a stand design I like, I may see if I can bust that out over the weekend so that it is completed before school gets too hectic.

I'm going to go for a drive and see if I can find some dried manzanita. I'd like to collect some so that I've got it available to me if I decide to go that route.

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So.... I may have gone overboard over the last couple days. It is ALL good though!! It is definitely hard to hide my excitement for this new set up!

This is the wood & 20lbs of the Seiryu stone I bought, the other the 30lb was randomly chosen.

I placed an order for an Eheim 2215 canister filter & one of the 200W Hydor in-line heaters.

Since I plan to put this tank in my bedroom I wanted to build a stand that would take care of the other tanks in my room. I've got a shelving unit currently holding my 55g & 20L emergent tank, as well as my former 20H Tilly tank. I want to switch it to the 40 breeders that I picked up a couple years back for growing crypts and such.

Here is the space & I want this tank to be where I currently have the chair in the second pic(I was doing laundry today).

I fell in love with @Dou's new custom built stand! I need to change the dimensions for my own space of course. I will probably make it into two separate pieces for easy transporting and easier use in future locations. Especially since I'm currently living with my sister while I'm in school!
I stole these from @Dou to show you this badass stand of his!!

I discussed building this with my pops tonight as he had way more woodworking experience & tools than I do.

Now for the fun part!!

I picked up this CO2 regulator build by @flowerfishs! It is: PraxAir 432 series full Stainless Stell dual stage CO2 regulator system w/ glycerin filled gauges, dual SS solenoids, dual SS Hoke 1300 series metering valves & dual bubble counters w/built in check valves. It's set up to run two separate tanks on different time schedules! I'm so stoked! Honestly, it's way overkill for my current needs but I figure if I'm gonna buy a nice regulator I wanna only buy it once!

I also ordered this 15lb re-certified steel tank.

I will probably build a DIY inline CO2 reactor. I haven't decided what type yet. I'm definitely open to suggestions.

I've been scouring aquascape pics for things I like! I'm definitely going for more of a nature style.

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I love seeing custom stands! Excited to see what it looks like in your space =). If only I didn't have to allocate the other side of the den to my girlfriend then I could've made the stand like an "U" shape.
Oooo, That's a nice wsiwyg rock pack, and I might have to try my hand at that stand because it's gorgeuos
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Looking good! I think you made the right choice on the 2215. I had one on a 29 gallon with no issues.
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