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mp52dave's 15g column tank

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Let the fun begin.

15g column tank - I picked up cheap off CL. This is the same one from PetSmart for $99. I really like the long box look...and hated the stand that it came with. My biggest concern is all the weight on that plastic trim part on the bottom - its not solid. I guess the stand went inside that plastic trim and the stand rested on the inside. I might need to make a support piece for under the tank or see about removing it. Not sure yet.

I'm in the process of making a stand for it - the one pictured is just the shell...I'll be putting more support on the legs, adding wood paneling, adding some trim to dress it up and painting it.

Ordered a Fluvial 2.0 LED 24in light - that might need to go back and will get a spot light vs bar light.

Got a few supplies in...for now I'm doing a AquaClear 50 hang on filter and I'll see if that works for me. Might do a canister down the road.

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i bought this tank myself, used, and the person had made their own stand for it as well. but yes, the bottom plastic is designed to sit around the base stand, not on the base.

RE: lighting, i ended up going with the Fluval AURA LED, attached with a couple layers of 3M VHB Double Sided Foam Automobile Adhesive Tape, and it was strong enough to grow mid column (for that tank) and higher, but not carpet plants.
Made some progress with my setup - I Love the LED lights and its features- just not the right size for the tank opening...not sure what to do.

Stand is coming together - still needs some finishing touches and paint.

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