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So I'm going to be moving in May, and would love to sell my setup for much, much less than I paid (retail) for it to someone who will care for it and treat it well.

I'm asking $225 for the whole set.

While I'm happy to help catch fish, bag, and siphon water I can help transport so that's all up to you.

-30L aquarium
-Eheim 2217 Canister filter setup (original green tubing and bars)
-75 Watt Heater
-GLA (nearly unused) PPS-Pro fertilizer pack, has all ferts +2 500ml dosing containers, nearly full 500ml bottle of Excel
-3 and 5 gallon buckets for easy water change
-Magenetized algae scraper, water change hose, misc. equipment
-Finnex Ray 2 light (doesn't actually fit, but has provided tons of light laying at an angle across the top)
-Light timer
-Basic liquid test kit (NO3+, NH4+, NO2-, pH high and medium range)
-Wrought iron stand (not the prettiest, but it does the trick)

Very few fish: 1 pelatus cory cat, 3 kuhli loaches, 1 ottocinclus, 1 assassin snail
Flora: About 12-15 red crypts of various types, 2-3 green crypts, 2 huge masses (probably fist and grapefruit, respectively) clumps of x-mass moss, 1 large java fern, 2 small java ferns, 3-4 needle leaf java ferns, several varius anubias
Various driftwood
Note: There is some algae in this tank. It's nearly all mild beard algae and some green spot algae. The otto takes care of the rest. A little TLC and a pressurized CO2 would clear this up fast.

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