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moving tank

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well its been a while since ive posted a thread but ill have a go, well we are having new carpet and i have to move my 40 gallon tank how can i do this for i havnt done it before thanks for any help :icon_bigg
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If you can easily move it to another room, I take 90% of the water out and slide the whole tank and stand to the other room. That worked well on my 80 gallon when I painted my room.
I would save 40% of the water(in some clean buckets) of the 90% that is being removed, just so it would be like doing a 50% water change when you get the tank in its new place and add water back into it.

Maybe this is unnecessary, but that is what I have all ways done for the livestocks sake.
thanks :D just i have discus and my dad said we should put them in a giant plastic box like the ones with weels should i do that ?
I did not know you have discus, you may want to keep more than 50% of the tanks water. How ever much water you leave in the tank during a normal water change is how much you need to save to put back into your tank after it is moved. Make sense?

As long as the plastic tub is clean as a whistle and holds water, that should work.
perfect sence :D thanks man your a life saver lol
I just changed out my substrate the other week. I went and purchased one of those rubber maid tubs and suctioned the water from the tank to the tub. Worked pretty good, only problem is all my fish kind of turned really white. It has been at least a couple of weeks and none of them has died but I know the discus are little more tempermental.
well thats what i was going to do just the pale colour is just when they are moved like when you get them from the lfs thanks aswell :)
Those "furniture rollers" can be a lifesaver if you're just moving a tank into a different room.

Depends on the size of the tank, though, and I'd still remove at least 50% of the water if possible to reduce the risk of stress cracks on the tank glass.
we are just going to role it round the corner and into the kitchen which is about a meter away but its going to be one big pain in the ass lol but still going to have a go :D
Remember, rule of thumb is a tank weighs 10 lbs per gallon of water, more like 12 lbs if there's a lot of rock or other dense ornaments. This takes the actual tank and substrate into account. If you're removing just water, it's a bit over 8 lbs per gallon. so 40g = 400lbs. 20 gallons of water out is maybe 175 lbs. So half full is still 225 lbs or so.
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