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Moving states - how to transport plants?

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Found out I'll be moving cross country from North Carolina to Washington State in a month, permanent move. I recent got back into planted tanks and started up my 5-gal planted which i just finished planting with new plants!

Anyhoo... how do y'all transport aquarium plants? There's no livestock, but since I just bought all these new plants it seems a waste to try and resell them back to the LFS. Can they go a week or two without light if I put them in some ziplock containers (like the sandwich boxes)? I'd like to say they'd only be in there for a week, but being realistic most likely 2 weeks.

Species in the tank:
Some moss (attached to drift wood)
Green wavy Buce sp. (driftwood)
lots of anubias nana 'petite' (driftwood and/or rocks)
Rotala sp.
Monte carlo
Dwarf Pennywort

Also a parlor palm attached to the side of the tank on a wabi kusa ball - but I don't mind sacrificing this one if I need to.

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So a 5 gallon shouldn't be hard to transport at all if your driving. Typically for a larger tank I'd say to remove 90% of the water, keep the fish in vented containers, and wrap the top of the tank, the humidity inside should help keep the plants wet and alive for a long drive for at least 8 hours. I would expect some shock to the plants at worse, however the filter if it dries out may cause an ammonia spike.

However if your planning to not setup the tank for two weeks once you get there and just throw the plants into bags for two weeks they will die. Youd have to make the aquarium a priority if you want to move it. Is there a reason it would sit for two weeks? Just unpacking everything else?

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The biggest hurdle is we don't yet know if we're flying or driving. We have a dog and a new baby so those take priority (and the majority of the car space if we drive). We'll likely be driving, but using it as a sort of trip since the drive alone takes 39 hours (1 day and 15 hours), which will extend the trip to 5-6 days in the car before arriving at our destination, at which point knowing myself I wont have the energy to set up the tank for a couple days... especially since I'll have to find which box it's in.

Didn't think about temperature of the car...

I'm wondering if it might be worth shipping the plants to a friend of mine and having her plop them in her tank at home until I'm set up in the new place. Don't know anyone local who has tanks or knows what plants are 😂. Based on y'alls responses it sounds like they wouldnt make the trip in the car.
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