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I am getting ready to move and upgrade tanks and will be selling things I used with my 10 gallon tank. I would hate to through any of this stuff out and think someone could get some use out of it.

Whats for sale:

Non-Adjustable 50 watt heater (holds temp around 78) -SOLD

15lbs of red flourite (used in a planted aquarium)-$10

Nutra fin CO2 system (does not include the ingredients to make the CO2, you can use water, sugar, yeast and baking soda)- SOLD

Black hood, fits standard 10 gallon aquarium (comes with 2 florescent lights)-SOLD

26 gallon bow front hood with 24" strip light- negotiable, i am willing to sell the light separately

Please message me for further details on your specific shipping situation. I plan on having more items for sale in the future such as a versa top, filters and plants/substrate.


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