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Moving Sale

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Yes sadly as the post says I am moving and going to be selling most of my stuff. I got a job offer back in DC I couldn't refuse and leaving sunday for the new job. All items can be picked up at my house or brought to Fridays meeting.


2- 10 gallon tanks- $8 each
2- 15 gallon drilled tanks w/ foam filter and jet lifters- $50 each or 90 for both


Breeding Pair of discus- $325 firm- will keep if I don't sell
Lg. Angelfish (Orange Marble)- $9 each 6 left or all 6 for $45
Electric Blue Acaras- $15 each or both for $25
Preg black Moscow guppies females- $5 for both


Hygro. Pinnifalta- $5 each bundle
Cambomba Furcata- $3 each bundle
Potted Red Wendetii Crypts- $5 each
Red Naesea- $5 a bundle


Aquaclear 30- $20
Marinland filter- $15 can't remember size
Lg. Malaysian Driftwood- $50 each
Manzanita Driftwood- $15 24" long
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I keep trying but file is to large. Text me or email me though at 703-731-9700 or [email protected]
Two angels sold, electric blue acaras sold, manzanita wood sold, 1 10 gallon tank and aquaclear 30 is all sold
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