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I’m looking to purge some extra items as I am looking for a new apt soon, the less I have to pack, the better. I am open to trade, but am pretty picky as I have too much stuff as it is. Things considered might be some fancier snails (no MTS or Ramshorn), some fancier plants (no java anything, sprite etc...pretty picky here), possible shrimp depending on breed or if anyone has a sizable amount of inert, small, black substrate (enough for an 18g). I would also be potentially be willing to do a trade and/or payment for a pair of Rams (right now I am thinking Bolivians but that could change). All that said, I know this stuff isn’t special, but it needs to go regardless.

SunSun Wavemaker: $10
It has seen water for all of one minute, so basically brand new. Way too much power for the tank I wanted to put it in.

Hideaway Castle w/Moss attachment: $3
Some slight dings

Tetra EasyBalance: $8
Grabbed it instead of the declorinater. One dose missing $12.99 price tag still on.

Heater: $5
Didn’t realize it was a HOB style when I purchased online. New.

Glass CO2 diffusers (not ADA):
Large is lightly used: $3
Mediums: $4ea
Small: $3

PH up & PH down: Free
Received these with a tank I got from CL. Full.

Black Silicone: Free
Used a small amount once, basically full. Prefer clear.

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