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Moving back to my house after graduation! I have to clear these out ASAP.

1. Plant package (First picture) - SOLD OUT!
7-10 long stem of lobelia mini form
15-20 stems of bacoba autralis (?)
15-20 small portion of DOWNOI (Sorry they are not in very good condition, hence low price)
2 Crypt wentii sp. Indonesia
Fissiden (in pic)
Peacock moss (in pic)

2. OTHER BUCES ARE AVAILABLE- shipping $6 no matter how much you buy.

I have other bucephalandra as well. Please wait for UPDATES since I need classify them!!! PM if interest


$25 Blue marley
$25 Entikong
$25 Batang kawa
$55 Dark Achiles (6" LARGE)
$50 Green Achiles (6"-LARGE)
$20 Palm tree
$25 Theia
$25 Apolo
$20 Brownie red
$25 Fake catherinae

$15 for one centipede
$20 for one gigantea
$15 for one Aulus
$17 for one green wrinkle
$20 for one brownie brown
$20 for one dark leaf
$18 for one sanggau


3. Crypt nurii and Afinis Metallic Red (3rd picture). Shipping only $6 no matter how many you buy
Crypt nurii mother plant 13 leaves for $20.
Nurri medium 4-5 leaves $10.
Affinis metallic red medium 4-5+ leaves $15.

Please mind your weather. I 'll try my best to insulate, but I am not held responsible for damage due to weather or delay/loss due to USPS. However, I will try to help you out as much as I could if such cases happen.



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