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Hey guys, I'm moving in a week and can't take my 30 gallon tank, natural planted, low-light tank. Sad, it finally got to the point where the plants kept the whole system in check and I only had to clean filters and scrape algae off walls!!! :crying:

I'd love to find someone to just take the whole set up:
30 gallon tank
Aquaclear 50 & 30 HOB filters
Fluval heater
Ceap UV filter
(sorry, not the light, I'm keeping that dude)
I also have a very heavy solid wood stand. You'd need a truck or trailer & handtruck to move & be in the Raleigh, NC area. A strong base for a large tank.

Fish, shrimp, snails:
2 Sterbai corydoras (one is over 6 years old! she's the larger one, still makes eggs and wants to breed with the other lady, lol. she's very precious to me so a good home with someone who knows fish care is necessary!!!! also, I'd like for them to go to a home with more of their kind, they need a boyfriend <3)

100+ RCS of varying levels of red, all ages and sizes, most females have saddles/eggs

lots of trumpet snails & a few pink ramshorn

TONS of java moss (some attached to driftwood)
TONS of water sprite
little bit of hornwort
1 fairly stunted (too much light, I think) marbled sword
1 amazon sword
3-4 petite anubias attached to a driftwood (not super great condition)
1 javafern, attached to driftwood
large amount of jungle vals (yes, that's the grassy plant. I swear. I did a concentrated Excel anti-algae treatment about a year ago on the larger, long, normal plants, and they soon turned into plants which don't grow more than an 2 inches. really. science.)

So. When I will be moving next Sunday (April 17) I'm traveling along HWY 40 west from Raleigh to Knoxville then north on HWY 75 to Lexington. I'm willing to bring things and meet up with you along the way!

Otherwise, central NC people I might could meet up with, but would prefer if you'd come to me (super last minute packing busy).

Sorry, I have no idea how to ship fish or shrimp, don't want to try it out. I could send out plants, however. be warned, you may get tag-along snails & duckweed.

Thanks for looking!!


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