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Moving berried crs to a warmer rcs tank

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My crs are in a breeder box suspended within my 4 foot tank. Its 24c. I have a seperate rcs tank that is 30c.

I think shrimplets will swim out of the small breeder box holes and get munched by the big school of fish in the main tank. I obv dont want this.

If i temporarily move the berried crs to the rcs tank will the berried crs survive at the warmer temp and give birth to the baby shrimp? will the babies succesfully grow to juvinile size in the rcs tank?

I plan to move them back to the breeder box once big enough.
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Maybe just add fine net to keep them inside? 30 C sounds way to high for crs.
30 C is much too high for cherry shrimp as well!

Any chance of lowering the temperature of one of the tanks to 20-22 C?

Crystal shrimp do best in a tank geared towards them.

I see you have a kuhli loach... they do best in groups as well... at least 3 or more, but 6+ is better.
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Better to buy small glass container, fill with the water from tank the crs tank add some moss,some rock covered with algea crs can't stand high Temps, I lost many in summer time, and the babies are more sensitive
I have some very fine mesh hang on breeder boxes which I do not think shrimplets could get through. I can't remember what brand mine were. The plastic is grey in color but I found one on amazon that is the same style. Link below. It's basically a net slid onto and tied around the frame.
I've used that style of net breeder and the one below...

I've had shrimp both climb in and out of those things!

Actually have one now that a baby shrimp managed to get into and has been growing in it ever since. Just saw a fresh molt this morning, too! Haven't bothered to remove it... (the shrimp, that is!)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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