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Drain the tank as far as you can. I'd try for at least 90%. Catch the the larger fish.

It's a three person job. One to move the stand and two to move the tank. Carry it over and set fill it back up.

i've done this many times, for longer moves (up to 1/2 mile). it works really well, the one thing i reccomend is do a really good gravel vac when you drain the tank. i thought i did a good of keeping my tanks clean until i refilled them after the move.

also of course make sure that your not doing a 90% water change. i know that you are only moving the tank across the room, but any move is stressful for fish. IF you try to add to the stress of the move by changing 90% of your water you are flirting with killing fish. i wouldn't do more than a 50% water replacement.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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