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Moving 5" fish, need advice.

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In 2 weeks I will be moving over 2 hours away. It will probably be close to 4-5 before then are back into the tank.

I was thinking bagging them independent. I got 6 geophagus tapajos. Approx 5 inches.


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You could put them in a Rubbermaid tub with an airstone
I moved full size angels in home depot 5 gallon buckets and they were a good 6 hours in there with no issues. It was in April as well so they had a gradual temp drop of about 10 degrees. No fatalities or sickness. A battery operated air pump wouldn't be a bad idea.

Doubled up Rubbermaid tubs and battery air pump. Use new water and Seachem Prime. Moved all my big cichlids this way.
True thanks guys

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Much depends on how concerned you are. There are risk takers and then there are those who value the fish and their personal stress levels.
If you want to do the move without major worry or loss of fish, do it like you were going to ship them. The only real difference is in how long and who is holding the box!
My way of moving fish leaves me with no stress over how the box and fish are doing so I can pay attention to driving.
When moving large fish, I put each in a separate bag with only enough water to allow them to swim upright and the rest air. Twist the top, rubber band it and then fold the top over and rubber band it again. I lay these bags in some form of insulated box or cooler and seal that box. There is a good chance you can pick up shipping boxes that are left over at the LFS as they often get fish but rarely ship.
With the fish safe and you sure the box won't pop open if you get a bump, you are good for at least a day. For large fish the plastic trash can liners are good but for small fish that may get stuck in corners, I put the first bag upside down into a second bag as this makes the corners round out so that nobody gets stuck.
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I would put the fish in a rubbermaid tote of atleast 10 gallons so that the fish will have some room. Drill a small hole in the lid for airline to be hooked up to a batter operated pump. I would also get an internal box filter and put some of your biomedia in it so that it will for sure be kept alive while you move. The remaining media I would submerge in old tank water so some may survive depending on how long it takes you to get everything going again.
I'm a fan of 5g buckets (multiples). When I re-homed my 13" long leopard sailfin pleco I use an industrial trash bag and my husband to catch it then transported it in a 5g bucket with lid (and Prime). Wrapped it in blankets to keep it in place/insulated for the 1 hour drive. I wouldn't worry too much about an air stone for a short drive like 2 hours, remember some fish get shipped around the world which can take a few days. Just dose prime to bind ammonia that builds up in the transport containers.
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