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Moved my 125!

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Hey everyone. We came home yesterday afternoon from family Thanksgiving to a smelly downstairs which is where our 125 stays. My wife got to looking and noticed we had water everywhere on the floor. Thankfully it's linoleum in our utility room.

I immediately panicked and thought the tank had broken, but apparently my Emperor 400 filter had been overflowing and leaking water out. No idea why or how, but I immediately took it off.

With this being a composite stand from the black Friday petsmart sale, I immediately thought the stand was gone. Luckily the rubber feet had it off the floor and there had been no water damage to the stand.

So I then thought we're gonna have to move it on a whim to clean up.

Got everything out of the tank, called a buddy over, and he and I moved it to the new spot we had prepared for it.

I freaked out thinking something was gonna end up breaking but all went well.

The floor in our house isn't level and so all of our tanks are uneven on one side. It's off by a half inch to inch, but I've never had any issues. It sits on a thin carpet over concrete with no pad underneath.

When we had it in our utility room, the stand door was very hard to get open and scraped the top every time you tried opening it. After we moved the tank, the door now works perfectly and seems lined up better. It's weird.

Anyway, here's the photos! Will do another water change today to clear up some of the newly added sand debris, but so far everything is going great! Hooking my fx6 up later this week.

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