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I'm not sure if this belongs in plants or aquascaping. In addition to plants in the tank, I've been growing plants above the tank with roots down into the tank. I've come up with a few ways to keep the plant above the water but I'm sure you all have more ideas. I've use 3 main things: 1) suction cup/clip, 2) plant basket, 3) pool noodle (pictures attached).
The pool noodle works awesome but it is kinda ugly.
The plant basket (what you normally buy plants in) works pretty well if I mount it with suction cups.
The Suction cup/clip works but only holds 1 stem.

What better options have you come up with?

Tank details:
45gal with Eniheim canister filter and lots of plants, driftwood and a couple caves.
Highfin Platty - 2 adult female, 1 adult male, 2 juvenile females, 1 juvenile male.
Bristlenose plecos - 1 male, 1 female and non-stop babies.
Corey - 1 female, 1 male - they lay eggs and a couple times a year eggs with hatch and grow up
Cardinal tetras - 3 (we had a larger group but they are 6 years old and these are the last of the cohort)

First picture has 2 plants with suction/clips (left), basket (middle), pool noodle (right).
Second picture is of how of have the basket Jimmy-rigged.
Third picture is of underside of noodle where roots hang down.


Forgot to say, no lid on the tank. 馃槈


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I like the little pots you used, I might have to try that as well.

My wife used airline tubing on some stainless wire and bent some "plant hooks" for her plants. Once the roots took off, you can't even tell they are there.

On my 75, I used some airline tubing, a suction cup, and just hung a good size Pothos over the edge. After a few months it looked kind of stupid just drooping off the side. We added a corkscrew willow branch to the wall, above and behind the tank and let it climb.

Plants like it, shrimps like it, and as "the dude" said, it really brings the room together :)

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I stuck the roots of my baby tears into some sponge and put it in my filter. They're taking off, doing better than the other half that I left in it's planter.

I'm going to be re-doing my tank to be more streamlined and I'm planning on getting a HOB breeder box that I can hook up to my canister as an outlet. I'll either be using sponge like before or doing various plants in pots that can sit in it like you. They just won't be visible in the tank.
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