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Mountain scape with PICs added

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Lava rock mountain scape with foam block base and aqua soil. Planning to mostly plant with Micranthemum monte carlo and buces. Low tech with excel but no CO2. Dry start next week.

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view of the "skylight" for the cave

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Wow, off to an amazing start. I wish I could manipulate hardscape like that. My 55g is regulated to one piece of driftwood so I dont mess it up.
Thanks. Probably spent a month tweaking this scape and still not completely satisfied
Very nice, can't wait to see it planted. Where did you get your rock? I've been trying to find some black lava rock locally for quite some time with no luck.
Looks great, did you use substrate holders or where the rocks enough you think?
I had to order the lava rock online as I could not find a decent source locally. Check ebay but only after checking your local landscape supply stores.

I did not use substrate holders because the rocks are holding back the substrate. I do insert rock chips randomly into the substrate though. I expect some mixing will occur with the sand and thats fine with me
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Very nice scape. What size tank?
Tank size is 3ft x 18in x 18in
Have you used foam before ? I have heard stories before even though they had rocks on top they still floated up , that stuff is realy can float and pop up from under rocks , I would silcone them down if you didnt already .
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That looks fabulous. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress shots.
I agree with Jeff about the foam blocks. I would be worried about them floating up unless there siliconed down. The scape looks very nice indeed although I preferred it without the sand and the branches on the left side distract your eye from the arch that is formed with the rock. Looking forward to seeing it planted.
Damn smexy man good work
So I did my own little experiment. Put a foam block in a bucket of water weighed down by one large lava rock. The answer depends. The rock may hold it down if positioned correctly. However, if its off by a bit, the foam block shoots back up. The foam blocks in my tank seem to be very securely held down by rock but I'm not sure I want to have a miniature earthquake during I'm ripping up the mid section to remove the blocks. Thanks for the feedback guys.
Is there any way you could somehow put something inside the foam? a little rock that just holds the weight down?
Instead of the foam block fill some mesh bags or panty hose with smaller lava rocks to help add height to the base.
Have you thought about using drainage/flow cells instead of the foam blocks to build height? They're pretty good but hard to to cut is all.

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