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So I went to this place in Mount Vernon called Security/Hobby Store, its basically two stores in one, a store for car alarms and a Hobby store selling remote control cars, trains, etc.

I couldn't find a place that would fill my 20oz paintball tank in the bronx or yonkers, so the guys at American Compressed Gases told me that their equipment would BLOW UP my small tank (sounds like a cool idea for some other day) so he told me that the "Security Store" at Mount Vernon could do it.

I called them over the phone and asked if they filled paintball co2 tanks and they said yes, I ask them if they take credit cards and they said yes, I asked him Amex? He said NO! I said, ok, no biggie, I'll give him my Visa.

When I get there, the guy takes my tank to the back, fills it up and says its $10+tax, I felt he was overcharging me but thought "Whatever!". Handed him my Visa and he said "Oh, we don't take credit cards after the 25th" I told him that I had called and SPECIFICALLY asked if they take credit cards and I was told yes, he said "No one explained that we don't take them after the 25th?" When I said NO and kept handing him my card, he said "Well, the bank is going to charge me an extra dollar for his transaction so I'm gonna have to charge you and extra dollar, its going to be $11+tax". At this point I just said "Whatever man, just go ahead".

I was about to scream at this man, I was so mad that I knew he was already overcharging me and then have the nerve to charge me even more for using a credit card and on top of all the stupid logic of telling me after the 25th and it was actually the 7th!!!! Can this man count? Cause I know the 7th is after LAST MONTHS 25th but it's before THIS MONTHS 25th, so following that logic, EVERY SINGLE DAY IS AFTER THE 25TH. LMAO

The reason why I let it go its because that's the only place so far I know that is fairly near my home that would do paintball co2 20oz tanks, and don't want to risk having an emergency and not being able to go there because I screamed at him for taking me for a ride.

This is the address for the place in case you guys want to avoid it or have the need to be taken for a ride due to an emergency: 114 Mt Vernon Ave Mt Vernon, NY 10550.

I live in the Pelham Parkway area of the bronx if you guys know of any place that would do paintball tanks in the bronx/yonkers/mt vernon area.

Thanks and sorry for the venting.
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