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Mosura TDS up affect on PH

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Hello, I just ordered some Mosura TDS up and Indian Almond Leaves to raise my TDS and lower my Ph to ready my tank for some black tiger shrimp. My parameters are
TDS=140 I think. (im waiting on calibration solution for my meter)

Im planning on adjusting my TDS to around 200-225 and would like my Ph down to about 7.2-7.3. I have cherry shrimp in the tank now so I will slowly drip acclimate the TDS on the next water change. I read that the Mosura Tds up is slightly acidic, can anyone who uses it tell me how much it will drop the Ph? What about the almond leaves? They will be a gradual enough drop to just add to the tank as is right? Will I need to use both? Ive never used either of these before so any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I wanted to lower it because it says on planet inverts the ideal Ph for black tigers is 7.2-7.4 and the person im getting them from keeps them at 7.1-7.2. I knew the almond leaves wouldnt do too much but they are beneficial for all shrimp right? Do you think the black tigers will do ok at 7.5? Thank you for the helpful info.
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