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I have the entire line of Mosura Shrimp Products and most of the BorneoWild products available for sale!! US shipping is $5 regardless of the quantity ordered. Orders ship on Saturdays!!


If you want to order please send me a pm with your email address and I will send you a paypal invoice.

MOSURA Specialty CRS Food 25gm $12.69/ea
MOSURA Excel 25g $14.99/ea
MOSURA Bio Plus 30gm $13.49/ea
MOSURA Mineral Plus Ultra 100mL $15.00/ea
MOSURA Old Sea Mud Powder 60mL $7.69/ea
MOSURA Tonic Pro 20gm $24.74/ea
MOSURA BT-9 20gm $16.39/ea
MOSURA Eros 35mL $24.49/ea
MOSURA Gravidas 25gm $16.80/ea
MOSURA Rich Water - 30gm $11.32/ea
MOSURA Shizhen Power - 30gm $19.66/ea NEW PRICE!! 25% off!!
MOSURA TDS Up $13.00/ea
MOSURA pH Down $13.00/ea
MOSURA Shrimpton $16.80/ea
MOSURA Softwater $16.39/ea NEW!!!!!

BorneoWild Grow - 40g $14.00/ea
BorneoWild Bebi - 70g $12.00/ea
BorneoWild Color - 50g $12.00/ea
BorneoWild Spinach - 40g $14.00/ea
BorneoWild Barley - 40g $6.00/ea
BorneoWild Frenzy - 50g $13.00/ea
BorneoWild White - 15g $14.00/ea
BorneoWild Vital - 15g 10.00/ea
BorneoWild Crimson - 15g $14.00/ea
BorneoWild Humic- 60g $14.00/ea
BorneoWild Stout - 15g $10.00/ea
BorneoWild Shield - 60g $18.00/ea
BorneoWild Dance - 40mL $25.00/ea
BorneoWild Minerock - 500g $25.00/ea
BorneoWild Minerax - 100g $22.00/ea
BorneoWild Humic - 60g - $14.00/ea
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