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Most awesome seamless hexagon nano tank ever

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4 least that's what I'm hoping this will turn out to be. I purchased this from goodwill recently (it was still pretty expensive) and it appears to be some sort of distillery or brewing equipment. There is a functional brass spout, and the container is seamless. If anyone knows what the actual name for this kind of container would be, that would be awesome! The glass has that unique old-age wavy look to it that slightly distorts magnification and reads "made in Italy" on the bottom. I'm really excited about working on this project and doing my first start-to-finish tank journal on this site. I am thinking about putting a small fountain pump in to keep the water circulating along with an airstone. I am pretty much hitting a wall when it comes to what kind of tank layout I'm going to do, what kind of substrate I should use, what kind of plants/fish I will put in it and how I should light the tank. I was so impressed with the container that I just sort of impulse purchased it, and now I'm looking forward to lots of problem solving. :D

Size 13's to show scale

Approximately 3.5 gallons.

The flow of water out of this spout runs about as fast as trying to siphon a tank with airhose tubing. Very very very SLOW. Although it is functional, I'm not sure if using the spout for water changes is feasable, although I'm definitely still going to try it! :icon_mrgr

Made in Italy

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i've seen those at bars filled with balls or some stuff and LQ
i would treat it like a fishbowl and just make it simple
I've seen something similar with Lemonade in it.
I wonder if the brass spigot will be a problem with your flora/fauna if it leaches copper into the water?
I think this is contemporary as it looks like it has a plastic gasket on the spigot. I've seen modern glass with this wavy look to try to replicate a vintage appearance. Still very nice and quite original.
If the brass turns out to be a problem you could possibly remove the spigot and use some sort of bulkhead fitting to use the hole as the intake to an external filter.
Maybe I'm a little ignorant, but what's the worst that could happen with the brass fitting being in the water?

:eek5: ... :icon_redf
I believe these were used in bars for pickled eggs in modern times. Back in its day it was for taking the good wine off of the trub(solids and yeast that settles out). You might call it a demi john, although those are differennt in shape.
easy water changes :D
I would lose my mind trying to plant something that narrow. I have a hard enough time trying to plant my regular 2.5g.

the lighting looks like it may be problematic, mayhap low light plants and natural widow sill/ambient lighting?

you could always fill it half full and cram a spiral cfl down the neck (just kidding)
The brass is not a problem. A thing film oxidizes and then it no longer leaches copper. I use brass fitting on my filter, for years, with no problems.
Well, I already returned it. I got all excited about this project, and I just sort of kept running into brick walls, and I decided to give up, get my $40 back and put it towards a tank for my girlfriend's apartment, haha.
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