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Not sure where to post this. I have completed my new 29 Gal Setup. Here is what I have:

29 Perfecto
Ehem 2215
Coralife 1x65w Aqualight on Adjustable Legs
DIY Co2 with DIY Hagen Mini Reactor

6 Amazon Swords
5 Wisteria
2 Anubias Nan

A handful of Corydoras panda and a few tetras.

My water has a slight mossy smell to it. Being new to live plants in the aquarium is this normal?

Thanks :help:

Are these real?
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If your tank has "BGA" (blue green alga = cyanobacteria) you get a distinct earthy smell. If you rub a bit of the cover on your plants between your fingers it will be a very strong smell.

My tanks don't smell... just "warm & humid" if that's a smell. If they develop a smell and it is not BGA, maybe the stocking level is a bit high, or need to step up water changes/filter cleanings.
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