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All of the mosses sold here I have observed using a light microscope to see their cellular structure. This allows me to verify the mosses are their species by comparing to the various papers and other scientific sources.

The mosses are grown under medium+ light with CO2 and glutaraldehyde. All moss is duckweed and algae free, China + Quell willow moss are snail free. These mosses are not imported, but are taken from my own tanks.

If your temperatures are below 40F a heat pack will be required for shipping.

China Moss Vesicularia sp. Sinensis

  • Dark green long strands with thick, compact branches and short height make China moss a great foreground plant for shrimp tanks or walls
  • Low growing creeping habit when grown attached to a surface (horizontal or vertical). Use as a ground cover, attach to rocks or driftwood, or use on a moss wall
  • Readily attaches to surfaces with rhizoids
  • Requires medium to high light for optimal compact growth
  • Will pearl
  • Snail free, Rare
  • Portion/Price: Golf ball = $20

Golf ball size China

Golf ball size China flat

Christmas Moss Vesicularia montagnei 'Christmas moss'

  • Characteristic triangular branching habit with dark green fronds
  • Compact habit in medium+ light makes it ideal for moss walls and attaching to driftwood. Lower light results in a looser frond structure with less characteristic triangular shape
  • Portion/price: golf ball = $10

Golf ball and laid flat Christmas example

Quell Willow Moss Fontinalis hypnoides

  • Upright, bushy growth habit with fine soft textured leaves, older growth is dark green while new growth is light green
  • Use in the foreground as a jungle for shrimp, fry, and small fish to forage in or attach to driftwood or mesh ledges
  • Will pearl, optimal growth with medium to high light and CO2
  • Snail free
  • Very rare
  • Portion/Price: Golfball = $35 or 2" X 2" grown out mesh portions = $40
  • Currently SOLD OUT Please PM for availability.

Golfball Quell Willow

2x2” Quell Willow on Mesh, dry

Quell Willow in Water

Riccia Riccia fluitans

  • Lighter green, forming attractive geometric patterns
  • Does not easily attach, tie down with fishing line
  • Readily pearls, must be firmly attached or will float
  • Cannot ship to CA
  • Portion/Price: Golfball = $4

Golfball= 1/3 of this amount

Süsswassertang / Subwassertang

  • Freshwater seaweed looking plant
  • Does not easily attach to surfaces, tie down with fishing line
  • Can be grown in low to high light
  • Portion/Price: Golfball = $6

Coming soon:

  • Cameroon moss, Plagiochilaceae sp. "Cameroon"

  • Mini Rosa, Jugermannia pseudocyclop

  • Erect Moss, Vesicularia reticulate

  • Java Moss, Vesicularia dubyana

Mesh used is 316 L stainless steel, 12 mesh per inch. 0.023" mesh diameter. 2X2" square = $3. Custom sizes also available, PM dimensions for quote.

Shipping is $7 USPS priority unless you would like next-day or shipped FedEx one rate (price from $8.50+).

Will take custom orders for moss grown out on mesh horizontally or vertically, PM with your idea for a quote (shape/size/moss species). Perfect for those aquarists that want an instant effect.

Please PM with your order and paypal address to send an invoice to. Thanks for looking.


Apistogramma cacatuoides ‘triple red’

I have 3 remaining males and several females that are still up for sale. They are $10/each. M+F for $20. M+2F=$25. Please see my previous post for details on tank conditions, shipping and DOA policy (no links allowed, or I would put it here for you). Current pictures of all 3 males available via PM (too much content for 1 post).

Also have black bar endler guppies, no pics (yet) as they are too quick for my camera. The males are shiny and fluorescent as they get to eat the leftover brine shrimp from the apisto’s.
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